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When you’re faced with important financial decisions that impact your future, you need sound financial advice from a source you can trust. You need a relationship with a firm that promises to always put your needs first. You need someone who understands what's most important to you.

When you work with Carlton Financial Service, Inc., you benefit by having access to comprehensive advice from a highly qualified and experienced financial professional. For over 33 years, Rick Carlton has helped his clients implement financial solutions to address life’s most important events such as saving for a comfortable and satisfying retirement, managing money during retirement to last for a lifetime, funding your children or grandchildren’s college education, protecting your loved ones in case of death, disability or a long term illness, and any other life-goals you hope to achieve.

We’ll get to know you, and learn about your goals and aspirations; and we’ll tailor our advice specifically to those needs. Because we’re independent, we’re able to offer you choices from a variety of financial products best suited to your goals. Our independence allows us to focus on accomplishing YOUR goals, always ensuring the actions we take are in YOUR best interest.