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Areas of Specialty

Planning for Retirement

Accumulating enough assets for a comfortable retirement requires prudent planning. We’ll help you determine how much you need to invest to generate adequate income during your retirement, how and where to allocate your assets, when to rebalance your portfolio(s), and how much should be allocated to tax deferred and taxable accounts.

Managing Money During Retirement

Life expectancy has increased. This means that retirees need to be prepared for a potentially long term retirement. Our firm will work with you to provide strategies designed to help you minimize taxes and maximize income by considering all the issues like integrating social security, handling retirement plan distributions and paying for the high cost of healthcare.

Retirement Plan Distributions

Over your lifetime, you may face circumstances that require an early distribution from your retirement plan, for instance your 401(k). Perhaps you’re offered an early retirement, or maybe you're changing jobs due to an incredible opportunity. We specialize in helping you properly handle your distribution to minimize taxes and take advantage of investment vehicles that offer you the most benefits.

Estate Planning & Risk Management

This type of planning ensures that your loved ones are taken care of and protected, and that all available tax and legal issues are dealt with in the most advantageous way depending on your unique situation. This type of planning is also an opportunity to construct a plan that considers what kind of legacy you want to leave to your family and community.

Maximizing your Federal Employee Benefits

Government benefits, Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) or Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS), are worth hundred of thousands of dollars—but they are not automatic. Our Federal Employee Benefits Division will help you maximize your benefits including FEGLI, TSP, retirement annuity, survivor benefit plan and long term care. We will assist you in applying for benefits and help you to coordinate them with your personal assets. Rick holds the Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC) Designation. You can verify Rick's designation at